07 March 2007

My God, I forgot how much I missed the sun.

According to the nifty Weather Eye feature in my toolbar, it warmed up to a balmy +10 today. I'm sure it was closer to 15 on my deck, though, judging by the fact that Lily stripped down to the buff and played outside for a good 45 minutes without getting chilly. The only thing that got her dressed was that she wanted to go play in the snow. I couldn't help but laugh at her as I watched her bare little bum jiggling in the sunshine as she ran around.

I had big plans for my day today. I was going to go for a walk in the ravine and run some errands of some sort. The kind of errands didn't matter so much as me just getting out of the house did. Instead, I ended up being drawn outside by the golden sunshine which poured over my deck and I never did end up leaving the house. I snacked and read while Lily explored the deck then the yard. It's been about five months since we've spent a significant amount of time in our back yard and it was like a whole new world to her.

As I basked in the warmth of the sun, I realized just how much I'd missed its ability to leave me feeling deeply satisfied. Feeling the fresh air on my bare arms I felt more alive than I'd felt in months. When I came back in the house I was struck by just how dead the air inside is. There are no breezes, no tastes, no sounds of birds or squirrels. There's just air that sits there. And does nothing.

On days like today I wonder what it would be like to winter in a warmer climate, one where I could be outside year-round. I love the moderate summers around here but I could certainly do without the bone-chilling weeks that seem to stretch out forever.


domesticvixen said...

I cracked the seal on the windows yesterday. The air moving in the house was divine.

Oh, and my yard isn't a pond this year!

Liam J. said...

This post, all by itself, makes the purchase of the house worth it.

El Cliff said...

Today was fantastic. So nice, I wanted to crank every window in the car open...except for the possibility of eating a faceful of mud water. Thank God for sunroofs!

Sean Woods said...

My partner drove the police cruiser through a giant puddle, resulting in a faceful of mud water for team Sean.

He's so tasered.

El Cliff said...

Nail him with it while he's driving. THAT should result in an interesting story or two.

And today...equally fantastic.

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