09 March 2007

There should be a health warning on vegetables.

Last month I lopped off the tip of my thumb chopping red peppers. Today I sliced off a piece of my index finger dicing some carrots. Le sigh.

Can I somehow blame this on Krista? I was after all using the mandolin she gave us as a wedding gift.

It's very annoying, by the way, to be dealing with mopping up blood when you're following one of those obnoxious recipes that wants various ingredients added after a very specific amount of minutes. I can't clean up my finger and chop at the same time damnit. If supper tastes odd tonight, Liam, I apologize.

And here I thought that homemade meals made from nice fresh veggies was supposed to be GOOD for your health.


El Cliff said...

"Mmmmm...what's that interesting coppery flavour, Kim?"

I will not mock your repeated hand choppery, for that invites karmic retribution that would probably arrive via arterial spray. But...I dunno, maybe Nick's old enough to start doing all the chopping?

domesticvixen said...

No, you can't blame me.

I bought a mandolin for Rob for Christmas - the ceramic blade scares me. I use the thingy that keeps my fingers from getting sliced off.

Shiny Beamer said...


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