11 July 2009

As anyone who knows me will confirm, I can be a little bit strong-willed. And when I say strong-willed I mean stubborn. And when I say a little bit I mean very.

I think I could fill a book with my childhood memories that involve me digging in my heels and causing my parents grief, from the time I peed my pants because I refused to admit that I had to use the toilet to the time I pulled my dresser over on myself trying to reach my pants in the top drawer.

These days, I don't throw my attitude in my parents' faces. Well, not as much anyhow. No, these days I have a bigger influence in my life: Liam. Liam, my dear and loving husband who not only puts up with the fact that I will indeed cut off my nose to spite his face but seems to love me all the more for it.

Conversations such as:

"You should read this book. It's really good."

"F%#* that."


"You should bring some water with you on your run"

"You should mind your own damn business"

come to mind.

So when Liam tells me I'm a good writer and I should write more, I dig in my heels and ditch my blog for a year. And when he comes up with a really nifty idea like a challenge of blogging every day for 31 days, I refuse to sign up even though I think it sounds like fun.

Don't ask me to explain. It's just the way it is, and if Liam can put up with me then life is good.

(Yes, my dear Liam, this is me signing up for your challenge.)


El Cliff said...

Not only is she in, but she's ALL UP in Liam's grill! NICE!

So we have two married couples both completely invested in this thing, now. Interesting.

legion said...

Hi Kim!

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