14 July 2009

I just came across this comic in my search for inspiration tonight. I seem to be much in the same boat as Kyle in his lack of an interesting daily life. My day has consisted of observing signs of pending labour (out of respect for my squeamish guy friends I won't go into details) and trying to make myself comfortable. Ho hum. Baby tonight? Baby tomorrow? Baby in a few more days? Unknown!

Anyone else getting tired of listening to me wait? I sure am. I wish I had the brain capacity to discuss something else but I'm fricking tired.

I'm calling that 150 words. If anyone wants to dispute it I've got some choice cranky words.


Kyle said...

The picture at the top is worth at least 1,000 words, good job!

KimProbable said...

Sucking up to a pregnant woman is always a wise choice. Especially when you've just mocked the work of birthing in another comment. :P

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