18 July 2009

We are currently looking for a few pieces of new furniture. And when I say "new" I actually mean "used but seems like new" because I'm too much my parents' daughter to go out and spend the money to buy new furniture, especially when we've got young kids in the house.

I spend time perusing the ads on Kijiji and though we've had success so far with buying a nice, large, cheap dresser that was supposed to be for the baby but was claimed first by Lily, I have yet to secure a nice kitchen table and downstairs couch.

While I'm more than ready to admit that I'm incredibly picky and unwilling to part with a large sum of money, some of the reason why I haven't found anything yet is because of bad ads. What are bad ads you ask? Here are my examples:

1) Pictures of your kitchen table with a table cloth on it. You'd think this one would be obvious but I've seen it more than once. I'm not interested in seeing how your table looks like with a piece of cloth over it since it's the table I'm actually buying. That's like posting photos of your house on MLS with all the lights turned out. Sure it looks like that sometimes, but that's not the view that's going to help me out. Really.

2) Ads telling me in the description line just how awesome of a deal you're giving me. If your header contains phrases such as "an amazing bargain", "this week only I'm sacrificing at this price"or "such an incredible deal", I won't read your ad. Yes, I'm possibly shooting myself in the foot with this choice, but if I wanted to be salesmanned at I'd go to The Brick.

3) Pictures taken with your cruddy cruddy phone. I'm not going to drive to St. Albert to pick up a couch that may or may not in fact just be some large animal.

4) Ads for items in Calgary. Go away. I'm pretty sure you have your own section of Kijiji.

One of these days I'll come across the perfect ad with the perfect furniture with the perfect price. Until then, I'll continue to oggle and occasionally accidentally look at ads for scrapbooking items over in the hobbies and crafts section.


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