08 April 2007

My Easter Bunny needs a double espresso, quick!

Lily is sick. She woke up when Liam and I went to bed last night and didn't settle down until shortly after 4 am. Nick was up at 6 wanting to go hunting for eggs. Crap.

Can I postpone Easter? In two hours I'm going to be sitting in Church and I'm not sure if I'll actually be awake or not.

Happy Easter!!


El Cliff said...

Am I the only one who has this inexplicable desire to just punch that pink-suited freak square in the face? Am I? It's weird...I'm perfectly calm...in a good mood...yet I really wish to devastate him.

Anyway, hopefully the rest of Easter went well. From the uncle standpoint, keeping chocolate-fueled tots amused is awesome.

I just realized that appears sarcastic. It's not supposed to be.

KimProbable said...

I want to punch the pathetic bunny too.

We survived the day. I've become reacquainted with my good friend coffee (who no longer hurts me) so a few cups of java and a whole crapload of chocolate buzzed me through. I actually had quite a nice afternoon out at my parents' place even if I was wearing a sarong with giant winter boots. Getting the kids to bed was pretty harsh, though. Nick had a meltdown and Lily thought I was a chew toy.

Now the kids are both asleep (yay) and we get to start cleaning the house (boo). And I might go eat some more chocolate (double yay).

domesticvixen said...

Oh, coffee! It seems when you give it up, I can drown in it. Now that you're drinking it, my body is leading a quiet revolt against it.

But at least there's chocolate.

KimProbable said...

I'm thrilled like you wouldn't believe that I can drink it again. It seems that since I've taken wheat and milk out of my diet I can handle caffeine without a problem. It's a fair trade in my eyes!

Liam J. said...

Heh. We have fair-trade coffee at work.

Fair trade. heh.

El Cliff said...

I personally enjoy the Kicking Horse brand...it's all packaged and such inside the province, the growers use natural fertilizers (mmmmm...poo), and they follow fair trade practices when they buy the beans. As a result, it costs a little more, but it's good coffee, so I don't care. Let's face it...you can be as ecologically responsible as you want, but if the end product is garbage, who cares?

Oh, and only in Canada would someone mix a sarong with winter boots. :)

KimProbable said...

We've purchased Kicking Horse a few times and I really enjoy it. The only stuff we have from them right now is decaf, unfortunately, but maybe I can mix it with the regular stuff until it's all used up. I buy coffee like I buy purses and rice. Just because I could need it means I do need it.

And the eco-friendly aspect of their brand is a good thing in my opinion too. I'm slowly converting us to "nicer" products and coffee was one of the early switches.

El Cliff said...

I think right now, I've got their...Hell, I can't remember what brand...it has a picture of a cowboy in front of a mountain vista on it. :) Although, I've also got half a big of their Grizzly Claw for when I need something a tad bolder.

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