15 November 2006

I finally got around to updating my links. You can now go directly to Jo's new blog without doing the roudabout through the old one. Yay! I also added in my 101 goals blog and a link to Karen's blog.

Also, in case anyone doubted it, I now have further proof that Lily is Liam's babe. Ready for it? She...talks in her sleep and has an unhealthy fascination with Tostitos. Just wait til she can sit at the computer!


Shiny Beamer said...

hey Kim,

Wow. I hadn't heard about the story of your cousin. I am so sorry for your family. What a horrible tragedy. I feel so bad for your aunt and uncle - not only to have that happen to their son but to have people being so uncooperative when they were searching for answers. That just must have made it so much worse for them. I am glad they have found some answers.

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