01 December 2006

It's been 18 days and 5 hours since I've had a coffee. Give or take a few minutes. Somehow I'm still alive, though the week-long headache at the beginning tried to prove me otherwise.

I'd been wondering as of late if drinking coffee was at least in part leading to my digestive woes and it turns out that I was right. Damnit. I've been feeling gobs better and my energy level is pretty much back where it should be. It's actually kind of funny that the drink I was guzzling to perk me up was really wearing me out in the big picture.

So now, I'm mostly back to normal. In an effort to get all the way back there I went to see a Naturopathic Doctor yesterday ( Jackie Yurko for anyone interested). As per her thoughts, come January I'm going to go three weeks without dairy, wheat, refined sugar or red meat. After that I'll re-introduce the foods one at a time to see if they're causing me problems.

Part of me is excited to have some concrete plan on how to improve my health, but another part of me is freaking out. I love foods, especially my chocolate and breads. Food is a huge comfort for me (hence the inability to lose the 35 lbs I'm so angry at) and I know I'm going to have to change my way of coping. Ugh.

Someone hold my hand?


domesticvixen said...

I, too, am cutting down on the hot yummy dark brown liquid gold...
A couple of days ago I finally realized that I was "needing" a coffee several times a day, versus the once in the morning that I've been allowing for quite some time.

I will NEVER give up chocolate. Never. Ever.

Shiny Beamer said...

oh, dear, Kim - I am so with you on this. I have tried to cut down on my breads lately and it's about killing me! I love muffins and cereal and breads of all kinds. They are hearty and yes, comforting. I actually have been eating more bread this week and am loving it. And chocolate? I'm afraid I'm with Krista on this one! : )

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