11 December 2006

Our busy busy weekend is over, and we're all alive if a little worse for wear.

On Thursday, I visited a friend, had dinner with my parents, and went to my LLL meeting. By the end of the day, I had spent 6 hours supervising Lily in non-child-proofed environments. Anyone who's been a parent to a 15-month-old can figure out how that went.

Friday was the Intuit children's Christmas party. After a very exhasperating drive all the way to Castledowns, we found ourselves in a room packed with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a plethora of greasy finger foods, two children's performers from Australia, and a swarm of little people. Nick was thrilled with the performers and the craft tables while Lily took full advantage of all the space to run...and run...and run.

Saturday was our Christmas party at home. I've never seen so many people in our home. I think we counted something like 20 adults plus 7 children and 2 tiny babies. Despite the very full state of our home and the ongoing battles between Nicholas and Preston, the evening was a whole lot of fun. We were able to share in a great evening with a bunch of friends and we even found out about a new baby on the way.

And then on Sunday we went to...yet another Christmas party! This one was out at the community hall where my parents live. It's been decided that since I lived there for 12 years I'm an honourary community member. Liam and I were in charge of the craft and toy area as well as the singing of the Christmas carols. We only lost one toy to a minor casualty (which Liam may be able to repair) and the singing was greatly aided by our Piano Lady (I'm afraid I never actually found out her name). Liam's voice gave out on the second last song, which was quite entertaining but didn't keep his little groupies from hovering. Yes, Liam had teenage girls for groupies. They looked quite disappointed when I told them we lived in Millwoods.

The unfortunate incident of the evening happened shortly before we left for home. Lily was standing up on a riser type thing and took a head-first tumble off of it onto the hard tile floor. She had a giant blue indent on her head instantly and spent a while screaming both because it hurt and because her idiot mother kept trying to put cold compresses on it. I must admit that I was close to tears at one point. It looked so nasty and it's the first real injury she's ever had. I did comfort myself with the thought that by this age Nicholas had taken at least a dozen spills of this size. Today, she's got a big blue splotch on her forehead but I'm very happy to say that it's not nearly as nasty as I thought it would be.

So now we've got two weeks left until Christmas and no more Christmas parties planned. Whew! I've got a few more items to shop for and a whole bunch of things to wrap. Oh, and one gift to mail out to my brother and his family once I return to Winners so they can remove the security tag which was left on Trina's outfit. I'm looking forward to a semi-quiet week before we jump into Christmas concerts and Christmas break!


shinybeamer said...

thanks for leaving the comment on my blogger site - by the way, the xanga loads up a lot quicker now that I removed the music. I'm finding it really hard to keep up with two blogs so I'm afraid the blogger one gets very neglected.

sorry we couldn't come to your party - just too many things going on - you appear to know what that's like! : )

glad the Lil is OK. The spills always scared the living daylights outta me. But those little munchkins can take a bump or two, can't they? anyhoo, take care and enjoy the semi-quiet week. Sounds nice, what's it like?

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