07 November 2006

Warning: the following entry contains nudity (no, it's not Liam)

What, you ask, could be cuter than a baby?

A naked baby.

What, then, could be cuter than a naked baby?

A naked baby with a tea cozy on her head.

Ok. Could there possibly be anything in the world cuter than a naked baby with a tea cozy on her head?

Yes. The naked baby with the tea cozy on her head could carry around a container of toys like it's a purse.


Anonymous said...

Whew - I'm glad you added that disclaimer. For a sec I thought was Liam...

Shiny Beamer said...

that is really sweet! Thank you for not posting about a nude Liam! : )

Morrigan said...

I don't know the tea cozy is disturbing. It is like she scalped a tea pot!

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