16 July 2006

So, here is a condensed version of what's new in our world of real estate.

The house in Sherwood Park is not happening. After looking at a number of substantial drawbacks and listening to our gut feelings, we walked away from it. Whew.

The sale of our house is pending. The only thing left is the inspection, which isn't a real concern since we had it inspected only two years ago when we purchased. Chances are this sale will go through, but until Thursday nothing is set in stone. We're preparing a virtual tour just in case.

About two hours ago, we made an offer on a house we've fallen in love with. It's in Millwoods (Minchau in specific) so Nick stays at the same school and Liam can still bike to work. It's got a big beautiful kitchen, four bedrooms, three levels, and a nice big yard. I'm trying to hold myself back in case the details don't work out and we don't get it, but I've really got my heart set on this place.

And there you have it. Big changes have been the name of the game during the past week, but hopefully things this week will settle down and we'll have some closure next week at this time. I know Liam and I could use a break from the stress!!


Shiny Beamer said...

Whoa! That does sound stressful. I'll be praying that this house works out.

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