12 July 2006

I think we're moving to Sherwood Park.


Liam and I keep asking each other if we're really doing this. A week ago, we were still toying with the idea of moving. Today, the sale of our condo is pending, our purchase of a house is pending as well, and half of our belongings are in boxes behind my parents' garage.

Everything came together so quickly that our condo didn't even make it onto the market. In the unlikely event that this deal falls through, we'll have it listed by the weekend, but as things stand right now we'll be out of here on August 15. Holy crap.

Back I go to painting and cleaning!! I'll update as things progress.


Shiny Beamer said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!

Good luck!!!!

In Rob We Trust said...

Sorry I have been out building a deck for people in wheelchairs. This is great news.

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