07 July 2006

The past 24 hours have been, to say the least, quite unprecedented. For your literary pleasure, here is a brief synopsis of the many events.

1:30 am: Liam and I finally crawl into bed after a late night of watching "Walk the Line". (I really enjoyed this movie, by the way, even though "Johnny" made a lot of creepy faces when he was singing.

5:45 am: Lillian wakes up and starts playing and laughing in bed. I refuse to acknowledge that my night might be over after only 4 hours of sleep and I do my best to ignore her.

6:30 am: Lily finally decides to go back to sleep. The world is a good place.

9:30 am: Lily and I finally get out of bed. The world is a really good place.

10:30 am: Mortgage Dude (aka Jamie) phones to discuss our request for a mortgage for a new home.

10:40 am: I hang up the phone, convinced that we're bound to be condo dwellers for at least another six months.

11:15 am: Liam gets off the phone with Mortgage Dude with the news that his number crunching and proposed shuffling of monies has ensured us an adequate mortgage for a real house. I realize what a brilliant man I married.

12 noon: We phone my cousin, our realator from our last endeavour in the world of real estate, to discuss the possibility of putting our house for sale. He tells us he's in the neighbourhood and will stop by to talk to us.

12:15 pm: We have a quick meeting with Realtor Dude and get a more accurate idea of what the sale of our condo and the purchase of a new house will involve.

1:00 pm: We drive to H&R Block to (finally) do our 2005 taxes.

3:00 pm: We finally get to submit our paper work.

3:45 pm: We leave H&R with a paper that says we'll have $3400 deposited into our account within 10 business days. The world is getting better by the moment.

4:00 pm: We make a stop at KFC for some much-needed foodstuffs.

4:05 pm: While scarfing down my food, I completely fail to notice a gigantic pothole. As Liam gives me crap for hitting it square on, I watch our hubcap roll across 75th street through my rear view mirror.

4:06 pm: Liam goes running down 75th to retrieve the lost hubcap. This is the reason why women marry men.

6:30 pm: Liam returns from his box-hunting expedition with 4 boxes and we beging clearing out closets of "extras" that we can store at my parents' place to make the condo look roomier.

8:30 pm: We stand back and look at the pile of boxes and bags sitting by the stairs. It dawns on me just how much stuff we own that we really don't use.

10:45 pm: After going for a walk and getting Lily bundled off in bed, I sit down with a wannabe screwdriver (Mango Five Alive with vodka...not bad, actually) and blog about the insanity that was our day. (I'm noticing, by the way, a direct relationship between my drinking and blogging. I swear I really don't drink all that often!)


Liam J. said...

Don't drink that often? Yeah, it's true. Maybe that's why it's been almost a month since your last post. Pbbbbt!

wiahesh: while I am house-earning, software heals.

domesticvixen said...

I was talking to my mom about your plans and she wanted me to look into a house down the street which was listed three days ago.

It's gone. The neighbour says it sold over list price.

Shiny Beamer said...

whoa! that was one busy day! looking forward to getting back to town and getting together. Sounds like you're doing well. check my site for vacation updates.

see ya soon - hopefully.

Kely said...

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