16 January 2006

I just want to smack someone. Or swear really loudly. Or down about 6 shots of anything alcoholic.

Today has been one of those days.

Nicholas spent the entire afternoon being a whining grump because my parents were over. This then escalated to full-out screaming by suppertime. He insisted at one point that he couldn't pick up a carrot stick with his right hand because the cat scratch on his left hand hurt too much. Uh huh. (The cat scratch, by the way, was the result of him trying a little too hard to help Fingers go down the stairs.)

Lillian has been joining in the mayhem. She's had three naps today, all of which have been less than one hour. When she doesn't get at least one good nap (2 or more hours straight) she turns into a screechy angry baby by the evening. Oh, and her final attempt at an evening nap was ruined by Nicholas' latest meltdown/outburst. Yes, Rob, that was the screaming you heard while you and Liam were on the phone. Sorry about the timing.

So, both kids are currently in the tub and Liam is supervising. I'm seriously considering drinking and/or running away. I already ran away once, but it was only down to the parking lot and I came back when I'd supressed the urge to smack Nicholas.

(Just to keep things clear, no I do not smack my children nor do I drink copious amounts of alcohol while breastfeeding a small baby. I just happen to be seriously questioning my judgement right now.)


domesticvixen said...

You could always smack the husband and drink on really big rum&coke - that might help.

KimProbable said...

I had a small drink and put both kids to sleep by 9 pm. At Liam's insistance, I'm now going to scrapbook. Maybe it'll be my new therapy. (As a side note, I've completed 2 2-page layouts and 1 1-page layout in two weeks. Woot!)

Baron Von Cliff said...

I blame Rob. His call obviously set off the biggest explosion of the day. It's all his fault. He opens your door in the middle of the night, terrifies your children...man, that's some friend you've got there.

Shiny Beamer said...

Ha Ha - vixen made a spelling mistake, vixen made a spelling mistake !!!(insert musical notes) Whooo hooo! Now she can't critique the rest of us anymore! Maybe she had ONE really big rum & coke! ;)

Shiny Beamer said...

Oh - and I agree with baron - it's definitely Rob's fault.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Perhaps she just poured some Coke into a three-quarters full rum bottle and called it one drink.

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