11 January 2007

I feel the need to update since the comments on my last entry have been so lively. I'm starting to get jealous.

I'm now on day 11 of my elimination diet and I'm doing really well. In my first week I lost five pounds between the change in diet and having the flu. I'm sure I'm down a couple more by now judging by how my clothes are fitting and how well I'm feeling. Eating so much more healthily is actually really nice in a subtle sort of way.

I've also dragged my poor innocent baby down into the mud with me. About a month or so ago, she began to develop some patches of eczema in the creases of her elbows and knees. The patches are now red and angry-looking and new spots have shown up all over her arms, legs, and torso. At the suggestion of my ND, she's now completely off of dairy, wheat, sugar, and red meat (the alcohol and caffeine are kind of a given). I'm also shoving flax oil in her once a day and smearing various lotions all over her whenever I can pin her down long enough. It's starting to look a bit better after three days of this.

Watch for updates. I'm sure I'll have found a reason to overhaul Nick and Liam's diets before long. Mwahaha!!!


Liam J. said...

You'll nevah get me, coppah! You won't take me alive!

El Cliff said...

Liam has a diet? I've always seen him as a sort of...industrial eating machine. Put something foodish before him, watch it be consumed, repeat as necessary.

Liam J. said...


KimProbable said...

The way that things go with Liam and food are like this. I cook healthy stuff and Liam eats a lot of it and likes it. I cook unhealthy stuff and Liam eats a lot of it and really enjoys it.

The end.

El Cliff said...

Well...I suppose it could be worse. uhhh...he could actually BE a garburetor or something.

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