14 July 2008

It's like a top 10 list, only there's 25 because I thought it would be a fitting celebration of the 25 lbs I've lost.

Why I like to run (AKA Why I don't stop when it hurts):

1. Weight loss. 25 lbs gone proves it works!
2. Leg muscles. I've got buff calves now, dude.
3. Running away from home. Running time is often my only alone time during the day.
4. Clothes shopping. I get to buy new stuff when my pants are falling off of me, and it's actually fun for once!
5. Running buddies. I run with a clown. Seriously.
6. More energy. I can almost keep up with the kids now.
7. Better overall muscle tone. I ache less now and my back is mostly happy with me these days.
8. Achieving goals. There are few things as satisfying as setting out to run 16K and coming home alive.
9. Mental clarity. Running makes my brain work better.
10. Improved mood. I'm happier now and feeling really good about life.
11. Runner's high. It's so goddamn addicting.
12. Better food choices. Running forces me to plan out my eating and I automatically make better choices on what I put in my mouth when I've worked so hard.
13. Setting an example for my kids, both of personal fitness and of self-care.
14. The big race day. My half-marathon next month is going to be a highlight of my year.
15. Liking myself more. I like the running Kim a lot more than the out of shape Kim.
16. Improving my health, especially in regards to my genetic predisposition to diabetes and high blood pressure.
17. I get to play with my Garmin! I beat that sneaky little Virtual Buddy this week.
18. I get to listen to my own music without having to turn it down every three seconds so I can hear why the kids are arguing.
19. Less PMS. Need I say more?
20. I have a good excuse for spending more time outdoors, and running in the mountains this summer was amazing.
21. I get to wear my cool new shoes. They're shiny and purple!!
22. I can now carry laundry from the basement up to the top floor without feeling like I'm going to die.
23. Watching my times improve each week.
24. A good run can fix a bad day.
25. It feels so good when I stop.


Liam J. said...


I like you running too. A happy Kim is better.

Liam J. said...

Heh. You run with a clown. That still makes me laugh.

El Cliff said...

...#5 requires explanation at once...

KimProbable said...

My friend Vanessa is doing the Running Room clinic with me and she's a professional clown. Her characters are Princess Bluebell and Bugly Bright and she does magic and has all sorts of cool creepy bugs.

She doesn't actually do anything clown-y during our runs. Our conversations tend to run more on the adult-rated and totally inappropriate side of things. Although one time she did pop open the hatch of her car and start doing magic tricks in the parking lot for strangers...

El Cliff said...

Of course your conversations were adult and inappropriate...the truth is, women are about a thousand times bigger pervs than guys are.

And, as much as I dislike clownery, I must admit that seeing someone all clowned up and just jogging like everything's normal would actually be amusing.

Maybe that's how clowns can actually succeed at the funny...just go about daily routines while clowned up.

Also, I now offcially enjoy the phrase 'clowned up'.

Kristeen said...

In my super-heroine life I am a runner.
I envy runners.
I gawk at them on the street and consider honking my horn in encouragement but I think that would just get me dirty looks...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
Nice post, you must be so proud of yourself. I just found your blog when I was going to facebook you.


Shiny Beamer said...

way to go Kim. I think that's awesome. I have never enjoyed running. I feel like my knees are going to disintegrate into a thousand pieces. I only jogged regularly once in my life and that was in Germany - usually on a cool, foggy morning and always down a beautiful country road. Good memories. Never felt like running since. I don't mind the walking, though.

Liam J. said...

It's been nearly a year since your last posting.

And the baby's coming.

Maybe baby will have the same birthday as deadblog.

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