22 December 2007

Christmas is three days away. Christmas Eve, when our family begins our celebrations, is two days away. Holy crap.

Am I ready? Sort of.

I bought materials to make homemade Christmas cards for friends and family back in October, but by late November I'd decided to abandon the project. Next year.

We were going to have our second annual Christmas party and gift exchange a couple of weeks ago, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that had to be done and we de-invited the few people we'd already talked to.

So, of the things left in place that are happening this Christmas I'm doing fairly well. I think I'm done shopping as of this morning when I made a last trip to Blessings and Zellers. Liam has done some of our wrapping and a few things (thankfully) don't need to be wrapped. We decorated cookies with Grandma and we made a trip to Candy Cane Lane.

Looking back on the month, I sort of wish we'd done more seasonal activities. With homeschooling it feels like we should have all sorts of time for crafts, outings, and reading but the reality is often that our days are full and jamming in extra things is next to impossible. I want to feel the spirit of the season and I don't think that involves me screeching at the kids and baking til midnight.

Anyhow, on that quasi-positive note, I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas. May your kids sleep lots, may your kitchens stay clean, and may the memory of a baby in a manger fill your day with peace and joy.


El Cliff said...

Well, having no children, I feel #1 is pretty much in the bag (though nieces and nephews will likely make noise...especially after a mysterious uncle who will remain nameless stuffs them full of chocolate and candy canes). the kitchen should be relatively clean, though I will be on turkey duty, which means a large, messy roasting pan. That sucks. And I don't tend to ponder mangers too often, so I don't see that coming up...:)

Actually, this is going to be a bit of an odd holiday. the parents went on a vacation to Australia/New Zealand a couple weeks ago, so we're doing Xmas at my sister and brother in law's place. It will still be good...just different. Of course, it also means I haven't had to buy their gifts yet, and can take advantage of Boxing Week sales. Actually, we're doing Christmas Redux in January when they get back, too, so I guess I will still get the usual Christmas as well. Sweet! and I did watch Rudolph, which I'm told is something I've viewed every single year I have existed in Earth, so it's all good.

Karen said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Kim and Liam and little ones.

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