15 December 2007

Back at the beginning of November, I started doing something very out of character: I began working out at the gym. Shocking, but true.

I made the decision to start working out regularly as the result of a few different factors such as my weight creeping up, feeling the need for some personal time, and a lack of energy. I realized one day that I could actually use the gym at Liam's work and that it would be reasonably easy to do so with my family willing to provide childcare and Lily being old enough to be away from me for a few hours at a time.

So for just over a month I've been going to the gym on a regular basis (usually twice a week but I'm trying to do three times a week). I've been making use of the elliptical machine, the rowing machine, the treadmill, and the weights.

The first time I went was a bit of an adjustment as I figured out the machines and my fitness level, but the biggest thing that stood out for me was how fantastic it was to be alone. Liam and some other people were working out, but I could tune out the world by cranking the volume on my MP3 player. Showering and getting changed after my workout was quite nice, too. It was a novelty getting through an entire shower without anyone telling me they needed something and drying my hair without anyone asking to be blasted with the hair dryer every three seconds.

After a few weeks, I decided to check into some races through the Running Room. It's been 5 1/2 years (and a baby and 50 lbs) since I ran my half-marathon and I really miss running. There are a bunch of 5K and 10K races between now and the summer, but what really stood out for me is the half-marathon in July. It's a nature run, which I think would be fantastic since I very much prefer running on trails to running on pavement. Part of me is sure I can be ready for such a big run in 30 weeks, but another part of me is very intimidated and pessimistic.

The biggest challenge I'm facing right now is due to a bad sprain from a couple of years ago when I took a spill down some stairs. I've got weakness in my ankle and when I run for a significant period of time I get to the point where I'm almost dragging my foot. Very annoying. I've been mixing running with other cardio activities so I can at least drop some weight and get more fit. I'm contemplating contacting a personal trainer or getting a referral to physiotherapy so I can get some specific exercises on strengthening my ankle/leg.

So there you have the latest adventure in the life of Kim. I'll keep you updated as my jeans get looser.


El Cliff said...

Wow, good for you, Kim. Personally, I find I'm really in to the gym at first, then I get bored. And I hate cardio...I find it an intensely dull exercise before I can just go do some weights, or something 'interesting'. I guess I just put myself in jobs where I lift heavy crap a lot instead. Anyway, glad to hear somebody has some willpower. Keep it up!

KimProbable said...

Oh hey! I'd actually meant to reply to your comment way back when you left it.

Thanks for the pep talk Cliff. :)

I was at the gym twice this week and I got out for a very fast walk with Jack today. My leg is doing better as I've been focusing on strengthening my almost non-existent muscles and I had a really good run on Thursday.

Now I just need to hide from all the Christmas treats...

El Cliff said...

Yeah, those awful Christmas goodies (said as I take a slug from a massive glass of eggnog to wash down the nanaimo bars I just ate).

Glad to hear you're keeping it up. Oh, and thank you for not being one of those people that waits to make it a stupid New Year's Resolution that they will never keep. That's lame.

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