03 October 2006

Yes, it's been ages. Due to problems loading pictures on Blogger as well as lots of stuff going on around here I've neglected my blog terribly. Tsk.

First, as you can see, the West Coast MacPhersons made their way out today. Trina is unbelievably adorable. Her cheeks are gigantic, her eyes are beautiful, and her gurgling noises make my heart turn to goo. And she still smells like a milky angel. I'm smitten. Lily, by the way, has never looked so huge (and white!). We had a great time and they're still in town for another 6 days!

In other news...not too much has been happening around here other than unpacking, cleaning, and people being sick. Multiple colds and stomach bugs in the month of September set us back three school days, two work days, two birthday parties, and one girl's night out. I guess it's just a typical September around here but I'm sure tired of it.

What else. Hhmm. Lily's not quite walking but is still managing to get into everything in sight. The more mobile she gets the more attitude she has. Lots of fun. Her favourite things to do these days include "talking" on anything that remotely resembles a telephone, using Jack as a stool/squeaky toy, riding in the wagon, and eating dirt out of the vegetable garden.

On the Nick front, he's into the swing of things with school. His teacher is a really dear woman who has been teaching grade 1 for 26 years. He's made a few new friends and has only been sent to the office (for an ice pack after a "play" fight) once. Beavers and Tae Kwon Do have also resumed so he's a busy little man.

As for Liam and I, we're old and boring so there's nothing new to report.


Shiny Beamer said...

Hey Old and Boring! LOL!

Glad to see you back in the swing of things. How are you liking your new house? Yeah, we missed ya on Sunday.

Hope you can make it for the next one.

domesticvixen said...

She's really cute! Maybe even cuter that Lily! :)

It was nice seeing you yesterday, even if I had to ignore you and chase hyperactive cubs all evening.

Karen said...

I can't believe how much Lilian looks like Nick in that picture. You sure can tell they're related. See you this weekend.

Morrigan said...

What happened to the other pic?

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