09 October 2006


This is important so I need to clear my throat, er, keyboard.

Lillian (aka Lily, Lilu, Lu-Lu, and Jiggly Butt) has officially taken her first steps. And they were to reach a phone. Holy crap, we're in trouble.

She was playing with my cousin's cell phone last night at Thanksgiving dinner and all of a sudden she took her first two steps. I was thrilled but figured it was a one-shot deal and that would be the end of it for a few more weeks. In typical Lily fashion, though, she proved me wrong and went on to take a few more steps here and there during the next half hour, many of them accompanied by an entire room full of people cheering. We're not setting her expectations high at all are we?!

I'm proud of the Lil for not only reaching this milestone while Liam was around, but also for doing so in the same room where Nick took his first steps five years ago. It's all kind of creepy. Trevor has informed us that he'll place some shackles on Trina's feet until they make it back out next summer.

The scene of the walking incident. Note the giant crowd of various family members.

The proud parents of the little angel at her baptism.

Two beauties once again.


Anonymous said...

She is going to punish whoever gave her the "jiggly butt" moniker.

Shiny Beamer said...

cool! Very cute pics.

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