14 June 2006

I apologize to my poor blog and those poor people who read it. I've rather neglected my blogging duties lately, and although I've been crazy busy these past few weeks there's no good reason for ignoring a perfectly fun blog.

To break the recent silence, here are some open letters.

To Intuit,

I want my freaking husband back. Sure, you may have given him a job that he loves so much that work is like play, but you're going to kill him if he doesn't get some sleep soon. Not to mention the kids barely recognize him anymore. Today, I sat at the computer and Nick looked around and asked "Where's Liam?". It's a sign. Leave him alone for a few hours now and then would you?

To my neighbour's mom,

I'm sure Neighbour Chick appreciates that you're house-sitting for her, but the rest of us would appreciate it if you'd tone down your porn-like escapades. When my baby wakes up at 4 am because you're literally screaming your little head off, you're making too much noise. It's nice and all that you're getting so much enjoyment out of your sex life this late in life, but the rest of the world really don't need to hear about it once or twice every night. Shut the hell up.

To Nicholas,

Please erase the phrase "Stop telling me what to do!" from your brain. You can also lump in "He-LLO?" with it too. You're not a teenager yet so stop talking like one.


domesticvixen said...

What? Is that where the attitude went? I was wondering what happened to it when Aura started being all sweet and nice again.

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