11 April 2006

I really want to find a new home for Fingers.

She (who I actually suspect is a he) is driving me nutty. Between waking me up more than the baby does, the constant meowing and begging to go outside, and trying to keep her and Nick from killing each other, I'm about done. For this cat not being mine I sure do spend a lot of time with her.

Liam, even Nick wants the cat gone. It's a sign. Can I offer her up on Freecycle (or maybe to Mr. Woods??!)?


Liam J. said...

For the better mental health of the home, I think it's best if you do.

Jo said...

If you want to send him out to the farm I can ask my folks. He'd be outside all the time with the other barn cats.

Tricia said...

he is more than welcome out here. Like Jo said he will be out doors and have LOTS to do. We now lock all the cats up at night...

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