19 August 2005

It's 8:30 in the morning and I've already ranted at Liam twice today. One of these rants involved the word vagina. It's not nearly as vulgar or interesting as you may hope.

I frequent a pregnancy forum where a whole bunch of women are due sometime in September 2005. It's fun to discuss things with women who are at the same stage in their pregnancies and I enjoy hearing what other people's experiences are like.

One thing really bugs me though, and that is the fact that so many women seem to have problems calling their vagina a vagina. So many times it's hinted at ("down there", "my girl parts") or re-named ("my no-no hole", "my hoo-hoo"). Then, more often than not, the poster apologizes for bringing up the fact that they have a vagina at all ("sorry, TMI"). It drives me batty.

We are all obviously women who know a little bit about our anatomy. We are all non-virgins and have gone through at least one pelvic exam with a doctor. Some of us have even given birth already, yet there is still this inability to write the word vagina. Come on people, we all have them and we all know we have them. The whole part about being female and having gotten pregnant kind of makes it obvious.

If my kid can tell you that a baby comes out of a woman's vagina, shouldn't an adult be able to say the same thing?


domesticvixen said...

How many women even know about their own anatomy? It's surprising to see just how many don't. Other than the "blood comes from there, penis goes in there, sometimes it feels good" kind of thing.

Please, if you have a girl, teach her! Don't let her go through life embarrassed by her "hoo-hoo." I can't believe someone actually calls her vagina a "hoo-hoo."

Dylan said...

I call it a pooder. Or a hamburger. On bad days, a cheesburger. Muff?

domesticvixen said...

You forgot beaver, joyspring, path-to-nirvana, hot tub, sushi...

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