05 August 2009

This post was originally going to be all about babywearing, its benefits, and my history with slings, wraps, and my Ergo, but somehow between the business of life and the giant gaping hole where my brain used to be, the writing in my head is not materializing into writing on the screen.

Here, instead, is a brief glimpse into the love affair I'm enjoying with my wrap. It's a Merry Carry that I purchased from my dear friends at Tadpoles and Butterflies.

First some pictures. Right off the bat, we have a shot love the lovely Olivia enjoying a wrap-induced snuggle a few hours after her birth:

A naked afternoon nap on day 2:

Her first outing on day 3, a walk to the playground.

My activities while wearing Olivia in the wrap these past couple of weeks include:
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • blogging
  • sweeping the kitchen
  • cleaning the toilet
  • riding the bus
  • buying groceries
  • going for a walk while Lily rides her bike
  • chilling at Folk Fest
  • preparing meals (I was going to say cooking, but that's a bit of a strong term for the food prep I've been doing lately)
  • doing laundry
The only thing I've yet to manage that's really important to me is nursing her in the wrap. Once she's a bit bigger it'll be easier and I'll be more mobile. Woo!

For anyone who's interested in reading more about the benefits of babywearing, here's a list of informative links from The BabyWearer.


Shaun Guthrie said...

That is actually quite cool! You get both hands free instead of having to hold the baby all the time.

KimProbable said...

It's fantastic. I think I would literally get nothing done during this newborn stage if it weren't for babywearing. Olivia is a typical newborn and sleeps soundest when cozied up to my chest, and there's only so much I can do with one hand. There's also the issue of the overly-enthusiastic big sister who I can't quite trust to be alone with her...

Oh, and an update for all those of you who were holding your breath: I've nailed breastfeeding while babywearing a newborn. We've successfully nursed in the wrap, the Mei Tai, and the sling. Woo!

Erron said...

I read bowling instead of blogging. Man I thought what kind of crazy woman goes bowling so soon, and I don't think that's safe even if it is a fairly secure wrap. :) Good to know you're not bowling and baby wearing.

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