21 February 2008

Spring is in the air. We're just a couple of weeks past our latest deep-freeze and already the snow is melting and the sun is making me think of my garden. Apparently the kids are thinking the same thing since this is what I found in my back yard yesterday morning.
Yup. They're outside in their jammies.

They went out while I wasn't looking. I was actually quite impressed that they lasted so long without coats or even socks. Lily did have an incident with some snow in her boots (that's what happens when you wear pretty boots instead of winter boots!) but she recovered fairly quickly.

This afternoon we got home from buying groceries and the sun out on the deck was very inviting. Nick took the little table and the chairs out while I made lunch. We ate sandwiches and strawberries in the sun.
Before long, the kids were down on the patio doing what kids to best: splashing in puddles!
Lily is getting quite good at splashing and was soon soaked from head to toe. Since she hadn't quite had her fill yet, she came inside and got dressed in something a little more appropriate for the activity.

I'm starting to feel like spring might actually be in sight. February, my least favorite month of the year by far, is almost over. Even though March is often far from balmy around here, it's somehow so much more bearable than even the last few days of February.


El Cliff said...

February is usually a pretty brutal month, weatherwise. Aside from a few of those -50 windchill days, though, we've been lucky this year.

KimProbable said...

Yeah, I guess that when talking with the guy who works outdoors I really can't complain too much about the cold!

It does look like the end is in sight, though. I peeked at the 14-day forecast today and it looks like it'll be hovering right around freezing for the next while. I'm going to discover a yard under all that snow yet!

El Cliff said...

Oh, you HAD to say that, didn't you?! Your whole "the end is in sight" bit has doomed us all. Prepare for the blizzards, folks...or perhaps the raining down of the frogs.

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